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Fujima Kan Ayano

Soke Fujima Ryu

"Enjoy classic dance from Japan"

Japanese traditional dance choreographer


Fujima Kan Ayano

I, Fujima Kan Ayano, started to take lessons in traditional Japanese dance at the age of three, I now live in Los Angeles, California with the license of “Shihan (instructor of traditional Japanese dance)”. Knowing the charm of “Nihon Buyoh,” I wish to share the pleasure of real traditional Japanese dance with as many people in the U.S. as possible.

For example, I was invited to a birthday party for a Japanese lady who was a college student in the U.S. All the guests but her and her parents did not understand Japanese. So, I explained to them what “Nihon Buyoh” is before showing my dance. They had knowledge of and had watched “Geisha” on movies or TV programs before. They were very pleased to have seen the movement and expression of Japanese traditional dance “Nihon Buyoh” in front of them.

On an other occasion, I was requested by the owner of a Japanese restaurant who had just opened it. He wanted to let more people know about his restaurant and came up with the idea to introduce “Nihon Buyoh” there. He spent several weeks to prepare for the event and found all the tables fully-occupied with customers on that day. I showed two short dance performances along with some interval in between. It was so memorable a moment for me to see them look happy, and the owner was so thankful to me.


let's learn Japanese dance!



"Ayano was aamzing Japanese dance teacher I've evre met. She tought me from her heart"

Erin G

May 10, 2019

"She performed her dance at our wedding party and everyone was having fun to watch!"

Jessica R

February 10, 2019

"Ayano came to my house and did some private lesson which was really enjoyable and easy to learn"

Nicole H

December 9, 2018

Fujima Kan Ayano

Japanese Traditional Choreographer

Tel | Text (English: Jay): 818.618.3244

Tel | Text (Japanese: Ayano): 213.300.6527

Email: (English & Japanese)


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